9 Reasons to Have a Website for Your Goat Business

I’m not into fear mongering.  I don’t feel like the proverbial sky is falling in the world of online livestock sales, but I do believe some things are changing and if you’re trying to make a business with your goats, you may need to be changing as well.

If you’re into social media, you probably have heard the murmurings of Facebook’s recent crackdown on livestock sales.  Major groups that focus on animals, even if they weren’t sale groups, have been taken down without a warning.  I’ve heard rumors of Facebook business pages being removed as well.  PETA’s recent venture into Facebook stockholder status is going to cause an increase in this activity or an outright ban on all things animal related.

Many folks have taken to other social media sites as an alternative, but from where I’m standing, that is as doomed to fail as Facebook.

Now, I’ve had this website for 7 or 8 years now.  It has always been my focal point for a variety of reasons.  Good marketing dictates that all other options should lead back to this, my main sales channel.  Let’s explore 9 reasons why you should have a website as well if you’re in the goat business. Continue reading “9 Reasons to Have a Website for Your Goat Business”