Welcome to Little Avalon Farm, the Washington state home of ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats and livestock guardian dogs.   We’re located near Spokane, WA and have been raising dairy goats for our own milk needs—and just because we love them!—since 2008.

We bought our first registered Nigerian Dwarf in 2010 and the obsession was born.  We now have about a dozen does and their accompanying livestock guardian dogs.

Who We Are

We are Rob, Megan and four kids Kutchman.  Our little farm in Addy, WA, is a dream come true.  Lush bottomland, rolling hills and plenty of natural grazing for our herd make it the perfect place to raise goats.  Rob is a volunteer EMT/firefighter and owns his own handyman business.  In between herding goats, Megan operates a mineral business, a goat care site, a bustling Facebook group and together they raise four children.  It is our wish that those who are called to this path will have all the resources and information they need to raise healthy, holistic, happy goats.  It’s a full life and we embrace every moment of it.

Our Goats

Sustainable, holistic management has been the driving focus of our herd since the beginning.  Our goats are, in a sense, emergency food storage on the hoof, but they’re so much more than that.  We use no conventional treatments in the management of our herd.  Goats are fed natural sources of unsprayed hay and whole grains, plus unlimited grazing during the growing season.
The ideal goat we breed and select very specifically for has excellent mothering skills, strong feet, ability to thrive in our management system and, most importantly, ease of hand milking.  If we can’t milk our does by hand, how will we fare should the milk machine not work?  We want our goats to be all of these things and strive to have excellent conformation.  It’s a tall order, but we’re happy with the results we’re seeing.

Meet the Herd

I try to present all information possible on each and every goat.  Here is the complete list of does in our breeding program, and here are the current bucks we use.  Always feel free to reach out through the Contact form if you have questions not answered within the website, or just because.  I’m always happy to talk goats. 😉
I hope you’ll enjoy the visit here.  In addition to specific goat pages, I also post occasionally to a blog about various goat health, care and business topics.  Take a look around, follow us on Facebook and reach out if you have any questions or comments.  Bonus: if you’re looking for a place to talk goats, check out our Facebook group, The Holistic Goat.