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Mineral Buffet Consumption Totals Month by Month

This page will track consumption each month and total it in pounds so we can get an idea of our herd’s consumption on a longer term basis.  Unlike the monthly totals that display in ounces, this one shows totals in pounds.

I have Nigerian Dwarf goats and standard sized sheep so to keep this consistent and easy to read, the total number of animals will count each sheep as 2 Nigerian Dwarf goats.  For example, as I write this in July 2022, we have 11 adult ND does, 6 ND kids, 4 adult ND bucks, 6 adult sheep and 3 lambs.  For simplicity, I will count this as 39 animals.

The Process

It is not possible to measure how much the herd consumes out of the feeders, but I can measure how much I put into the feeders and this is the method I use.  I keep a sheet in the barn next to the minerals and fill containers to whole ounce numbers for ease of tracking.  Whenever I fill a container, I write down the total ounces filled on my sheet, which I bring in at the end of the month to tally and put on the website.  What you see here, then, is the total amount I have put into the feeders and/or the small holding containers out at the farthest feeders.  Over time, this gives us a picture of consumption even if the amounts entered for a particular month are not totally consumed in that month.

June: We put animals out on pasture at the first of this month.  Note the significant increase in Si and CB.  I haven’t isolated the issue, but I am grateful that this system allows me to see things I wouldn’t otherwise.  Will update when I have info back from the nutritionist.

September: I discovered cats were littering in the feeder kept at the barn, so I cleaned out all the holes and replaced them with one pound each.  Notice the much lower consumption overall.

November: 3 rams were removed from the herd, which counted as 6 ND because they’re 2x the size.

December: The buck feeder was refreshed with .5# of many minerals so the total is higher to reflect that.

MineralApril 2022May 2022June 2022July 2022Aug 2022Sep 2022Nov 2022Dec 2022
Vits. C&B4.45.8812.317.065.52.681.813
Sodium NA1
Total Pounds19.7741.4459.4664.6219.8224.866.62
Total ND3939393939393232
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