Welcome to the Group!

Welcome, welcome! I am so excited you’re joining our goat community!  We have a whole team dedicated to making it one of the most comfortable, safest places to discuss goats on the Internet.  Our members say it is “the best group ever!” and I hope you’ll feel the difference right away.

What sets us apart is the passionate belief in the right of everyone to courteously and safely discuss their beliefs, opinions and methods without fear of attack or insult.  When we can look at all ways of doing a thing, we can apply those insights to our own experiences and circumstances to create the path that works best for each of us.  There is no “my way is the only right way” in this group, but rather, “here’s a list of what works collectively, now you can choose what resonates with you.”

With that being said, I want to emphasize that this is a holistic goat group and our members are generally looking for a more herbal and natural approach, so we try to focus on natural as a priority with more conventional treatments considered second.

I know you’re eager to learn about goats, so I won’t keep you long but wanted to share some resources I hope will help you in your journey.

First, my blog contains a lot of the information I share in the group, written in easy to reference posts.  Feel free to browse through there–or not–and take any questions you have to the group.

Next, I’m so excited to share with you my newest project, a social and information website focused on creating an all-in-one exhaustive and FREE resource on every single goat care topic you can think of.  It’s just getting started, but I think you’ll find it worth the look:

You can also sign up to my newsletter to learn more about any of the topics that interest you:


Many of you come looking for information on mineral buffet and for you, I’ve created a one-stop resource with information, feeder tutorials and more.

If you’re looking for essential oils, herbs and minerals, take a look at the Little Avalon Farm Shop.  Before you head over there, nab this coupon code for 15% off your first order, a special gift from me to you to welcome you to the farm fam: groupjoy15

For one-on-one chat with me to formulate a unique plan for your holistic herd, head over to Consultations.

Are you a breeder or buying of holistically raised animals? I’m delighted to tell you about my free Holistic Breeder directory, my service to the community I love. It costs nothing to join or use and is growing weekly!

And when you’re ready to head back to the group, don’t forget to stop by the Guides section to see what all resources are available to you there.  While you’re there, the Featured list at the top of the page has some really important info, including a roundup of my most commonly viewed posts, so you can brush up on topics that matter to you.

Most of all, I hope you truly enjoy the time you spend in our little goat family.  You’ll quickly see why our users consistently say it is one of their favorite goat destinations on Facebook!