Holistic Goat Care…Simplified

Have you ever asked a question about goats in a social media group and gotten several obviously conflicting answers?  Do you intuitively feel there has to be a simple, streamlined way to raise goats with a more natural approach?  Have you wished you could just talk on the phone to an experienced mentor who can guide you through a process that works?  I’ve been there. I understand!  Sometimes the information available online is so conflicting we almost feel paralyzed, afraid to set a course and discover it is the wrong one.  And sometimes, the information we are given can lead to undesirable outcomes.  It’s so hard to know who to trust and where to go for information.

I’m here to tell you that it can be done.  You can raise goats naturally.  There is a way and it does work.  My herd of 25+ naturally raised goats are out there right now, healthy coats gleaming and parasites kept at bay without a single pharmaceutical intervention.  I am passionate about teaching others how to do it and, in addition to my goat group where I actively provide free info every day, I am here to help you in a one on one setting with a voice you can trust and years of experience to back it.

Who I Am

I’m Megan Kutchman of Little Avalon Farm.  I began raising goats when I had my first child in 2008.  In 2010, I stepped into the world of registered Nigerian Dwarf goats and I haven’t looked back.  My family raised conventional beef cattle, so I came from a background where vets know best, cattle are objects to be coerced into whatever we want and the bottom line is of utmost importance.  I emphatically believe in building this new way, the way of cooperative husbandry that looks at the animal as playing an active role in how they want their lives to go.

Back in 2008, Facebook was just coming on the scene.  Resources online for goat husbandry were pretty scarce and I learned a lot through trial and error…and Fiasco Farm’s website! 😉 Almost no one was doing alternative husbandry then and so, like I was taught, I started out wholly conventionally, giving vaccinations and forced supplements dutifully and on schedule.  My heart was into natural methods though and I began then to gradually work my way toward more natural ways of raising goats.

We ditched vaccines the first year or two in.  I began learning herbalism and natural remedies.  I suffered my own grave injury from a medication in 2015 and that was the catalyst to dive fully in.  By 2018 or 2019, I finally felt confident enough in my own knowledge and experience to drop the last conventional remedy I was clinging to: chemical dewormers.

Fast forward 15 years from that first goat, a sweet little Saanen named Opal, and my goat herd is thriving with zero conventional medicines or treatments.  I can’t tell you how much joy it brings me to see my herd, a herd I’ve worked hard to build, living their best lives with almost zero maintenance or effort from me.

Instead of worrying about how to fix their health problems, I’m enjoying the time I spend with them.  Instead of buying medications with laundry lists of side effects, I’m mixing up nontoxic herbal remedies.  Instead of putting out fires of poor health, I am investing up front in systems and methods that prevent health issues.  I spend vastly more time writing about goats than I do maintaining my own herd and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What Is the Consultation?

I’ve steadfastly dodged requests over the years for phone consultations, feeling inadequate to the task.  If my animals aren’t experiencing health problems, how can I tell people how to treat health problems?  But then I realized, that’s what I can teach: the philosophies, mindset and way of approaching goat health that has gotten me to this point.  I don’t want to tell you what herb treats what ailment.  I don’t want you to need the herbs.  Instead, I want to tell you how to frame your thinking, plan out your management and free your mind from the worries and fears that plague you about how to keep them safe without all those inputs.

By simplifying my management, by selectively breeding for the traits I want to cultivate and by getting the heck out of the way of my animals, I have evolved with my herd to a place where I step back and let them be who they are while providing the very best I can in the areas I should have control: feed, environment, maintenance, genetics.

So what I’m offering here to you now is a personalized consultation that looks at what you’ve got to work with – your lot setup, feeds available, minerals, the animals themselves, your goals and every other aspect of your management.  I’ll help you pinpoint areas of weakness and determine what strengths to focus on.  I’ll warn you though: we’re not just going to talk about which type of hay is best for which type of critter. We’re going to talk about what fears you allow to hold you back.  We’re going to dive into the energetic, mental and emotional hinderances that stop you from being free in your approach to your animals.

The Details

This consultation consists first of a 60-minute phone conversation.  We’ll go over everything in this phone call.  I’ll take notes and send a summary email with any follow up resources or feedback.  Then, I leave space for 2-4 replies to allow some back and forth for resources, questions and refinement of the plans we lay out in the phone call.

Should you choose to act on my suggestions, you’ll walk away with some solid, actionable insights into the philosophies, thought processes and judgments I personally use to help my herd flourish.  And don’t worry, if you need specific how-to’s on herbs and remedies, my goat group has all that covered and it’s free!

To book, choose a time and date slot below and complete the checkout process.  Once you click “Book,” the page will refresh and you’ll see a notice that it was added to your cart.  Proceed through the shopping cart to finalize and pay for your slot.  Be sure to include the phone number I can use to call you when you checkout and add any pertinent notes in the Notes section of the shopping cart.

If you have questions before booking, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Holistic Care Consultation Package

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$100.00 60 minutes

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