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The End of an Era

A lot has changed in the 13 years we’ve been raising goats. Me, especially. What began as a way to be self sufficient almost immediately morphed into a business that we’ve grown successfully over the years. Last year, we finally saw a profit. This year, that profit grew to five figures, a tremendous blessing when all our income options seemed to be drying up – it kept us afloat.  Which makes what I’m writing now seem crazy from a financial perspective, but from a spiritual perspective, it is everything right now.

Through it all, year after year, there has been a nagging at my soul about the choices I’m making and the actions I’m carrying out.

Most of you probably wouldn’t know this, but I encountered some serious health issues several years ago that turned my world upside down, physically and spiritually. My dark night of the soul, if you will.

As I’ve progressed further down the spiritual path, I’ve made a firm commitment to myself to always walk in authenticity. And, like I always tell my kids, “You do the right thing, no matter the cost.” Well, the time has come for me to stand firmly on the side of what I feel is right. As you read this, understand that I am talking about my path, and this conversation carries no judgment on what path others walk.

Dealing in the business of animals has begun to feel criminal to me on a cosmic scale.  The trauma of disbudding, of castration, of weaning and selling and sending both kids and adults away from the only home they’ve known for the sake of a business transaction has been bothering me more and more.  How can I, believing that the same spark within me lights up the eyes of my animal friends, engage in the practice of trading their lives for a dollar?  This fall, I have reached the end.  I cannot continue to walk out a practice that contradicts my beliefs.

So, effective immediately, we will no longer be selling goats.  To those of you with 2022 reservations, I extend my sincere apologies for causing your plans to change.  I hope you’ll understand that I’m doing what has been laid on my heart and doing my best to walk in truth and authenticity along the path I’ve been called to follow.

Effective immediately, we will no longer offer disbudding, castration or blood drawing services.  We will not be performing these procedures on our own animals.

The same applies to the dogs.  This current litter is our last intended litter.  I should have listened to this feeling before having another litter, but it reached its breaking point after the deed was done.  Losing the income provided by the animals will make it harder to support the animals.  We will offer some adult dogs to carefully selected homes and get down to a number we can more sustainably support.

What will I do with the kids born?  I don’t know that with certainty.  I have ideas and backup plans, but mostly I am walking in trust that the path will continue to be laid out before me as I step into alignment with who I really am.  I’m not determining next spring, I am merely drawing my line and setting my intention now that I will no longer transact the lives in my care.

I will still be raising goats, formulating more herbal remedies for them and helping educate folks on how to raise them holistically, so this isn’t the last you’ll see of me.

Until next time, blessings!

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