Back before we had livestock guardian dogs, I wondered how I could justify the cost of them.  More than five years in,  I can’t imagine how I ever raised goats without them.  In fact–don’t tell the goats!–I sometimes think I love the dogs more than the goats.  They assist at birth, protecting moms and cleaning up afterbirth.  They protect kids from our biggest springtime threat–eagles–working hard all day long, and they protect our entire herd year round, 24/7, from cougars, wolves, coyotes and bears.

We currently run two pairs to keep up with the resident predator population.

We raise our dogs like we do our goats, with a focus on holistic care and natural rearing.  I am often exploring better ways to feed and care for them.  Whelping is done as hands off as possible, in dens dug by the mothers for the most part.  Puppies are typically born out with the stock, living and breathing their life purpose from the moment they arrive.  They are handled by humans and naturally socialized with the wide variety of foot traffic we usually see during baby seasons.

We feed our livestock guardian dogs a combination of what’s available at the time.  Kibble is out free choice 365/24/7, but meat, eggs, milk, some veggies and grains are available when we are able to provide.  My goal is to move to a primarily homemade diet, but I feel it is wise to keep them exposed to kibble as well to aid in transition to new homes.

Without further ado, I introduce you to the crew that keeps our farm running safely.  If you’re interested in learning about our livestock guardian puppies for sale, head on over to the Litters page and be sure to check out the essential reading at LGD Buying Info.

Name: Halo
Breed: Maremma
DOB: 8/13/15

Halo has lived with goats since he was 14 weeks old. He is rock solid, close guarding, low on barking and respectful of fences.

He is one of the pair in the doe pen where we have frequent foot traffic. He is friendly, great with both his kids and stranger kids, perfect for agritourism.

Halo assists at births and is completely reliable in every aspect; we treasure him!
  • September 2020
Name: Bolt Vokterhund
Breed: Karakachan
DOB: 1/19/19
AKDA ID: 1177

S: Kutro Beechkeld
SS: Tupelo Beechkeld
SD: Kera KaraKitan

D: Thistle A Better Way
DS: Oliver Hopping Acres
DD: Nala Raindrop

Bolt is everything a girl could want. Tender and loving with the stock, she is ultra responsive to instruction and completely tolerant of our rambunctious toddler.