Virtual Assistant Position Page


Thanks for the image, Brittani!

Thank you to all who applied! New applications are closed and I will be going through the list ASAP. If you haven’t heard from me by 2/17, reach out, because I will be contacting everyone who applied.

After several years of feeling constantly overwhelmed and spinning my wheels, I’ve come to realize I really can’t juggle all these balls myself.  The goat care course I intended to write two years ago languishes on, collecting dust and cobwebs in a time when more and more people are asking how to reduce dependence on conventional methods and mainstream approaches in their own goat management.  Making this course a reality is one of my 2023 goals and to do so, I need a capable team able to handle the day to day tasks I seem to be spending most of my time on.

Virtual Assistant Position Details

I will accept applications until 2/10/23 for this additional position.  Submissions will be saved for future needs as well.

This list, though not all inclusive, details some of the more common tasks I am seeking energetic, positive and growth oriented teammates to work on.  It’s okay to not be interested or experienced in all of them – I want people who are excited to show up every day and that means the work must be personally fulfilling, not all encompassing.  I am happy to train people with the right personality and mindset.

  • Email management
  • Social media group/Facebook page management
  • Mailing list and newsletters
  • WordPress/Woocommerce development
  • Article writing for a website devoted to small farms
  • Scheduling/personal organization and management
  • Accounting/QuickBooks Online
  • Research, phone contacts, web surfing 😆
  • Marketing, Facebook ads, etc.
  • Graphic Design/Image Editing
  • Customer service

Desired Traits and Skills

  • Open mindedness and the ability to explore new concepts
  • Self motivation and self direction – once you know how to do the work, it’s up to you to show up every day and do it
  • Integrity and honesty, because those are the two most important business traits I possess
  • Impeccability in your word, 100% of the time
  • Unfailing courtesy even when you’ve answered the same question 40 other times this week
  • Creative thinking and problem solving – if I present you with an obstacle, I want you to feel enthusiastic about finding the solution and keep at it until it’s solved
  • A willingness to be a part of a team as an equal, not subservient, coming together with a shared goal of abundance for us all
  • Positive outlook – you are what you think
  • A deep familiarity with my group Guides and blog posts, not because I’m all that (ha!), but because I’ve answered a lot of the frequently asked questions there and when possible, I want your answers to include relevant links to the work I’ve already created
  • Similar philosophies around holistic animal husbandry and independent, sustainable operations
  • Ability to communicate and keep in touch about how things are working out, where you need more assistance, etc.

Hours, Schedule and Pay

Though hours cannot be guaranteed and will scale as the business does, I expect each VA on the team will work about 5-10 hours per week.  There may be weeks when it is only 1-2 hours and there may be weeks (think the major homesteading conference I’m vending at this summer) where I need more time for emails/customer service/FB group management.

The rate of pay is $18 per hour to start with.  As your skills and experience working my specific business grow and I am able to pursue more income building as a result of your efforts, I would love to see regular, abundant increases in this rate.  I am not interested in an arrangement that is not greatly beneficial to us all.  And on that note, I expect that you’ll give as much as I do in this, 100% heart and soul to see us all attain better lives.  This isn’t business to me, it is spiritual and it is everything.

The schedule is very flexible, but if I’ve hired you specifically to handle FB/email, I just ask that you give me a rough time frame where you can be available to pop into the FB group and check email periodically.  You don’t need to be on shift and on call the entire time, but since the nature of the group lends itself toward the need for more immediate answers, I don’t want there to be periods of time where questions go unanswered for hours – those people will leave for other groups.  We all have other life to balance this around so it should flow easily and not feel burdensome.  I am also not able to pay for an hour of refreshing the FB group page to see if there are new posts, so plan on 10-15 minute increments a couple of times during your time frame, taking as much time as is needed to address the questions but not lingering – we’ve got other incredible things to accomplish!

Pesky Details

Tasks are managed in Asana, a free web/app software that allows me to assign to each team member.  I will need a working email address to send you access to this, Google docs, my photo repository, etc.  You will be expected to track your time and report it to me weekly through a Google spreadsheet.

This is a 1099 contractor position and appropriate tax forms will be filed as necessary.  Payment is made via paper check to the name you want me to report on your 1099.

If you’ve read this and gotten excited, I want to hear from you through the form below.