Where to Buy White Salt

Plain white salt is recommended as the 20th mineral in the 20 Choice Mineral System.  Why is that?  Livestock need a lot of salt and while each mineral has some salt in it to help dilute it, your animals may need more than what they’re getting from the minerals.  If every salt option available to them is mineralized, they may choose to forego the additional salt they need because of the accompanying mineral.  Plain white salt ensures they can get as much salt as they need and stay in mineral balance.  Here are some sources of the kinds of plain white salt suitable for use in this system.

Can I Use Redmond Salt?

Redmond is an excellent salt, but it contains minerals, which brings us back to the issue of mineral balance and the animal’s ability to consume adequate salt if there is a mineral in the salt they already have enough of.  It is for this reason Redmond is not recommended in the 20 Choice system.