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Using the Loyalty Rewards Program

Reward Points

To find your points, click on *My Account* in the upper right corner. If you aren’t already logged in, you will be required to do so.


This will take you to your account details page. On the left side of the page click *Points and Rewards*.


This will show you the points you have available, how many you’ve used, as well as a referral link you can share with friends.


You will also see a box under MY REWARDS with a code and a button that says *Apply Coupon*. You can click this button to apply your rewards to your shopping cart. When you go to add to your cart, the discount will be there waiting for you. *NOTE* if you attempted to place an order and redeem points, but then canceled the order, your points will show zero, but the coupon will still be valid. You just hit *Apply Coupon* as show in the image below.

Redeeming Rewards Points

Rewards points are redeemed at checkout and will give you a dollar amount off of your order. The example below shows the screen you will see at checkout. The points you have available will be shown with a link to *click here* to redeem.


When you click that link you will be taken to the following screen where you will be shown your available points (aka rewards). Click *redeem now*.


You will be taken to the following screen. In our example it shows that 1,000 points equals $10 off your order. Click *redeem*.


From here you will complete checkout as usual. The image below shows you what your checkout screen will look like with points applied.