You Goat This! 11 Ounce Ceramic Mug EXCLUSIVE

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I can still remember when a friend from the FB group sent me a little sign that said, “Give it all you’ve goat” during a really hard time of my life.  That little bit of encouragement did more to lift my spirits than the gifter probably could have ever imagined.  It also reminded me how important it is to take the time to uplift our friends and neighbors and from that, a line of inspirational items was born.  This mug is one of the first products off the press with that in mind and I can’t wait to see how it changes lives.

Featuring two identical sides, this illustration was hand drawn for me, making this mug an exclusive you’ll only find here.

My request to you is: take a moment to think about someone in your life who might need a little nod of encouragement.  I bet that person comes to your mind immediately.  Now, think of some small thing you can to do let them know you’re thinking of them.  It doesn’t have to be a gift!  Even a simple text to someone who is down can be a lifeline of hope.  So even if you pass this mug by, please don’t pass by the chance to do someone a kindness today. <3

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  • 11-oz. capacity
  • Dishwasher- & microwave-safe
  • Ceramic material