STARTER KIT FCE Mineral Buffet 2-Pound Bags TWO POUNDS


The Free Choice Enterprises mineral buffet system, repackaged in smaller sizes for smaller herds! Order the complete starter kit at a savings and get free shipping to help you get started! Don’t forget to add the white salt from your local feed store.

For more info, see our page on why we chose mineral buffet and our tutorial for building your own mineral buffet feeder.

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This starter kit includes two pounds each of all 19 minerals shipped anywhere in the United States. Add a white salt block or loose plain salt from your local feed store and you’re all set!

Purchased individually, these bags retail for $247, so this is an affordable way to get started and see what your herd will be consuming. Reorder in 1-pound, 2-pound and 4-pound bags from our website.

Included are two pounds each of:

**Don't forget to check out our Holstic Breeder Directory to list your farm or find a likeminded breeder near you!**

Calcium (Ca), Iodine (I), Magnesium (Mg), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), Silicon (Si), Sodium (Na), Sulfur (S), Vitamin C & B mix (CB), Vitamins A, D, & E mix (V4), Alkaline Neutralizer (CL), Acid Neutralizer (OH), Copper (Cu), Cobalt (Co), Boron (B), Manganese (Mn), Molybdenum (Mo), Selenium (Se) and Zinc (Zn).

***You will need white salt from your local feed store to complete this system.***

Now in compostable tin tie bags – everything but the tin tie is compostable, hooray!

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