Herbal Hair Serum 1 Ounce Bottle


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Nourish and love your hair with this rich hair serum. I have super fine, unhappy hair – think goth teen in a normie world unhappy – and can see a noticeable difference in hair growth, texture and strength since I began using this. See the expanded description below for some fun scientific facts about the essential oils used.

To use: I like to run the dropper under my hair along my scalp in several places, then massage well for a minute or so to really distribute the oil. Then I sleep on it overnight, wash like normal in the morning and apply lightly to the tips of my hair to help seal in moisture while it’s still wet. I do this 2-3x a week and a bottle this size lasts about 2 months.

This hair serum has been a hair saver for me! My wispy, dry, flyaway hair has shaped up and flies right now, all shiny and strong with no pesky static. I have noticeable hair growth and my hair is super soft.

I chose the 3 oils for good reason: each of them has been studied to help grow hair back. If you like to read the science-y stuff, click lavender, rosemary or peppermint for their respective studies. Each oil is diluted at 3% in these serums, which means they’ll be strong but at the dilution rate in the research shown for both lavender and peppermint. And while all of this is fascinating reading, I can make no claims about my hair serum in regards to treating or diagnosing any disease.

Hair serum comes in an amber glass dropper bottle and the net weight = 1 ounce.

Ingredients: jojoba oil, wildcrafted burdock root infused olive oil, essential oil.

Add a bamboo handled boar bristle hair brush by selecting it in the options list.  I love this brush and use one myself.