Free Choice Enterprises 20 Choice Individual Minerals in 1-20 Pound Bags


All minerals in stock and ready to ship.

The Free Choice Enterprises mineral buffet system, repackaged in smaller sizes for smaller herds!  Simply select the size of bag you want, then the mineral, to easily reorder in the most appropriate size for your herd’s needs.

The one and two-pound sizes come in compostable tin-tie bags, while the four-pound and larger sizes come in gallon freezer bags.  We are working on a more eco friendly option for those – feel free to email me with suggestions!

For more info, see our page on why we chose mineral buffet and our tutorial for building your own mineral buffet feeder.  If you’re just getting started, check out the 1-pound and 2-pound starter kits to get all 19 minerals at a discounted rate.
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  • 1-pound $7
  • 2-pound $13
  • 4-pound $22
  • 12-pound $60
  • 20-pound $90

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The mineral buffet system has been in use for decades in the cattle industry.  While it is relatively rare and new in the goat and sheep industry, I passionately believe it can help transform goat and sheep husbandry by getting our imperfect knowledge out of the way and trusting the instinct of the animals to select exactly–and only–what they need.  You can see it in action in our mineral buffet consumption tracking, a project I began in April of 2022 to see exactly what my goats and sheep were consuming.

***You will need white salt from your local feed store to complete this system.***

If you have a large herd or are able to deal in larger quantities, I encourage you to go straight to the source, Free Choice Enterprises (

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