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Chrysanthemum Reusable Grocery Tote Bag


love these reusable bags!  I keep 4-5 in my purse for grocery shopping.  A quick pop! of the snap and they unroll immediately into a usable bag.  With a weight capacity of 40lbs and weighing only 2.6oz, these are amazing little work horses of sustainability.

  • Totes hold up to 40lbs or about 3 bags of groceries
  • Long drop so it will go over your shoulder even when stuffed
  • Tote Dimensions 28″ x 19″ with a 4″ gusset
  • Water and Sand resistant

Read down below for more uses.

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More uses:

In addition to groceries, I always have one on hand for collecting herbs in the field, shells at the beach or other unexpected additions to the trip.  Our family of 3 boys and 3 girls uses two of these bags for holding wet swimming gear, each group going to the changing room with their own bag.

When I was still selling animals, I used these bags to hold the gift packages I sent home with buyers.  Everyone loved this additional detail!

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