Chaffhaye Fermented Alfalfa


Chaffhaye, non GMO fermented alfalfa in 50-pound bales or 20-ounce bags.

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Chaffhaye is non GMO chopped and fermented alfalfa in 50# bags.  Each bag is equivalent to 1.5 bales of “good quality” hay with the added benefit of zero waste.

People using it for dairy goats have reported increased butterfat, higher milk yields and improved condition.

Older animals can keep condition on Chaffhaye because it is moist, soft and easy to chew.  The fermentation process predigests the nutrients, making them more available to the animal as well.

We bought Chaffhaye to convert our registered dairy goat operation to over baled alfalfa.  There is no dust, no mold and no waste.  It enhances digestion of other feeds, so even using it as a supplement can give you great results.

It is also suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals – the smaller 20 ounce bag is perfect for portioning out to small animals.

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