Natural Herd Health

We have a firm commitment to natural husbandry at Little Avalon Farm.  We believe that animals raised as close to their natural state as possible will be the healthiest, happiest and most productive.  Where it makes sense, we carry the products we use for our herd so others can benefit as well.  Here are some of the feeds and supplements we feed our goats that are available for purchase at our farm.

Chaffhaye is alfalfa that is fermented and tightly compressed to fit into 50-pound bales. Each bale is equivalent to a standard 80-110-pound bale of alfalfa with additional benefits, such as increased digestibility of other feeds, absolutely zero waste, rich probiotic content, no dust or mold and, as reported by dairy goat owners, increased yields in both milk and butterfat content. Many people feed it as a supplement to a normal hay ration, while some feed it with great results as the entire roughage ration for their goats, sheep, cattle, horses, guinea pigs, rabbits and other hay eating animals.

We began feeding Chaffhaye in early 2019 as a supplement to our dairy goats’ existing alfalfa ration. Our goal for the 2019-2020 season is to feed free choice grass hay as a supplement to a primary ration of Chaffhaye. Our goats can’t get enough of it. Learn more about Chaffhaye here.

Thorvin Kelp
Thorvin kelp is a certified organic kelp sourced from the pristine waters near Iceland. It is an ideal source of essential vitamins and minerals that animals love. We feed Thorvin kelp to our goats, dogs, chickens and rabbits. When we had pigs, it was their primary mineral source as well. Straight from Thorvin’s website:

“Thorvin is a 100% natural feed supplement for supporting optimal livestock health. It is nature’s most complete source of bioavailable minerals, vitamins, and beneficial phytonutrients. Thorvin works by filling in micronutrient deficiencies. Every ounce provides nutritional essentials, for just pennies a day.”

Learn more about Thorvin here.