Prairie Wood Flying Cherub

DOB: 8/15/11
ADGA ID: D1645445
Color: Black w/random white; blue eyes

S: MCH/CH Flying Goat Jazzy Blues *S E (2009 AGS RS National Champion Buck)
SS: Prairie Wood Huckleberry *S
SD: CH/MCH Prairie Wood Bella *D /1*M VG

D: AFF Herd Shammy
DS: MCH Everwood The Gambler
DD: Apache Valley Splendor

Cherub is my herd matriarch; nearly all of my herd is descended from her and she is a blessing to us.  She defines ease of milking with large, easy to hold teats and medium orifices.  Her udder texture is a bit tougher than some of my other does, but she milks easily enough and all of her kids have improved in texture over her.

Cherub kids easily on her own every year and has large litters most of the time.  She peaked at 5.2# when we did milk test in 2016.  I just love how steady, sweet and reliable Cherub is and count owning her as one of the great experiences of my life.


2019 age 7

2019 age 7