Little Avalon Moon Blossom

DOB: 2/20/16
ADGA ID: D1768415
Color: Buckskin; blue eyes

S: Calico Creek SN JAMMF Immortal
SS: TX Twincreeks RM Supernova
SD: Pecan Hollow TW Tequila Sunris

D: Little Avalon Lady Annalisse
DS: Little Avalon Tubby Topaz
DD: Prairie Wood Flying Cherub

Moon is the perfect representation of everything I hope for in a goat. She is hands down the easiest milking Nigerian I’ve ever milked and that’s as a first freshener! Her teats are plump, well placed and with open orifices. Her udder texture is soft and she is perfect. She has a nice brisket and beautiful topline. This year, her first freshening, she kidded easily with triplets.

If every doe in my herd was like Moon, I’d feel like the world’s luckiest goat owner. This doe is one to watch!

Now, in 2018, I like milking Moon even more. Seriously, I wish I could clone this doe. She milks down so fast and is easy enough to milk that anyone in my family can do it. I’m currently having a carpal tunnel flareup and when I get to Moon, I breathe a sigh of relief. She’s easy on the hands, too!

FF udder 2017

2F 2018

2F 2018

So easy a toddler can do it!

Moon’s Kidding History

2017: 2 does, 1 buck