Nigerian Dwarf Buck Service

What? You mean you don’t want one of these stunning, smelly specimens on your own farm?

We are now offering Nigerian Dwarf Buck Service at our farm north of Spokane, WA.

Over the years, we have had many requests for buck service and while there’s a clear need in our area for this offering, I’ve been reluctant due to biosecurity reasons.  Still, I’ve always felt bad turning way my own kid buyers when they aren’t prepared/able to keep a buck of their own.

Enter the roaring 20’s and the need for people to become more self sufficient.  Now is our time to band together as a community and work to collectively ensure our food sovereignty.  Food security was exactly the reason I myself got into goats and now, many years later, I feel a responsibility toward the members of my community also working hard to provide their own food.

So, as of 2021, we will offer buck service and together, we will ensure our own land of milk, and maybe honey!

Keep reading below to see how this works on our farm.  These terms will be printed and must be signed by the doe owner to initiate a buck service session.

Nigerian Dwarf Buck Service Terms

Testing Requirements

Every outside doe brought for buck service must be tested free of CAE by a certified lab with results in the owner’s name.  There are absolutely no exceptions whatsoever to this policy, except: if you purchased your kids from me and have no other goats on your farm, this policy will be waived only within the first year after you purchased your kids. Kids purchased from our farm that are one year old or older must also be tested and show negative results.

Health Requirements

Every doe brought for buck service must be in good health.  I will visually inspect does and they must be cleared by me before being released onto the grounds.  Does must be free from abscesses, open wounds of any kind (including hoof rot), visible signs of mites, lice or other parasites and any abnormal discharge from any part of the body.  Does must also look healthy overall and be in good body condition with good coat condition.  Please understand the livelihoods of many people depend on this and again, there will be absolutely no exceptions.  If your doe is sick, reschedule.

Cost of Buck Service

The buck service fee is currently $150 per single doe or $100 per doe when two or more are bred.  The fee does not reduce further with additional does and must be paid in full before does will be served.  This includes an ADGA service memo for each doe.  This fee applies to the breeding itself and does not include feed, care or other options.

Pen or Driveway Breeding

We will mutually agree on which option will work best.  I encourage driveway breeding, where a doe is brought, bred immediately and taken back home, but understand that sometimes it makes more sense to leave does.  Does who have not been around a buck often have a heat cycle within 2-3 days of being introduced to the buck.  Most does will cycle again 21 days after breeding if they did not conceive the first time.  Keep in mind that while I am attentive, I might not always see a breeding occur so dates may not be exact for pen breeding.

Care and boarding fees will apply for does who are pen breeding: $50 per doe for one week; $100 per doe for one month.  There will be limited spots available for these options.  Most does will cycle in the first week; keeping them for one month only helps ensure they don’t come back in heat and if they do, they can immediately be re-bred.

Buck Rag

The scent of a buck can help trigger a doe to come into heat.  For $20, we will do the unpleasant task 😂 of preparing a buck rag for you to pick up or have mailed ($5 postage fee additional) to you.

Release of Liability

By choosing to use our buck service for your does, you agree to release Little Avalon Farm from all liability for damage or death to your doe or does.  We will, of course, do our best to take care of your goats like our own, but we are not responsible for any reimbursement or replacement costs should your doe become ill, injured or dead while at our farm.

Responsibility for Vet Care

In the event your doe requires medical or veterinary care while at our facility, you agree that you are solely responsible for any costs incurred for that care.  We will attempt to contact you in the event of an emergency, but will use our discretion as to what medical care may be necessary if we are unable to contact you.

Choice of Bucks

We will try to have 1-2 bucks always available for buck service.  These bucks are selected specifically for outside buck service and only they will be available for breeding.  Current list of buck service bucks can be found here.

Abandonment of Does

Does absolutely must be picked up by the agreed upon end date for pen breeding.  Extensions may be granted, but they must be agreed upon in writing by both parties to be considered valid.  Does left beyond the agreed upon date will be considered abandoned and will be rehomed.

No Guarantee of Pregnancy

We guarantee that our bucks are fertile and capable of successful breeding, but there are too many variables to guarantee pregnancy.  If your doe does not successfully settle (become pregnant), you will need to sign up for another breeding session at the regular rate.


Important info:  A nonrefundable deposit is required to hold a buck service appointment.  It is $50 for one doe and $25 for each additional doe.  The deposit counts toward the total cost of breeding and will be deducted from your total bill, due at dropoff of does.

Current rates:

$150 for a single doe, driveway breeding only
$100 for each additional doe, driveway breeding
$50 for one week per doe of boarding, which includes feed/care
$100 for one month per doe of boarding, which includes feed/care

If you’d like to book a breeding, contact me and we’ll work out the details.