We are so excited to begin carrying Chaffhaye on our farm in Addy, Washington, making this wonderful product available to livestock across northeast Washington.  From guinea pigs and rabbits all the way up to horses, Chaffhaye offers benefits to your animals that dry alfalfa can’t match.

Chaffhaye has done a good job detailing what their product is all about, so we’ll refer you to them for some of the nitty gritty details, including the Guaranteed Nutritional Analysis, but here are some of the benefits that made us decide to make the switch to Chaffhaye for our herd of registered Nigerian Dwarf goats.

No Dust

Our goats spend a lot of time with their heads stuffed in a bale of hay over winter.  This kidding season, we kidded in the greenhouse and fed the does while they were in there.  There was a lot of pawing (labor, you know) and every time they’d paw over their hay, I could see dust rising up from the hay.  After two full days of kidding, my normally healthy lungs were congested, my eyes hurt and I felt awful.  If it did that to me in two days, what is it doing to my goats?  Kids born in that greenhouse all suffered from goopy eyes and congestion a day or two after birth.  We cleaned it out and counted down the days to when moist, dust-free Chaffhaye would arrive.

The Power of Ferments

Studies are showing how healing and detoxifying fermented foods are for humans and those benefits apply to animals as well.  From improved gut health and better immune systems to the ability to detoxify from environmental toxins, fermented foods are a powerhouse of nutrition that we choose for our own family, so why not our goats, too?

Zero Waste

There’s a bag of Chaffhaye in the middle of that goatpile.

Let me repeat that: zero waste.  Chaffhaye is chopped, moist and soft.  Goats inhale it and have no trouble with even the larger stem pieces.  This makes it ideal for senior animals as well.

With our traditional baled alfalfa, we counted on a 20-30% waste rate.  In fact, we’ve begun feeding our goats in our garden so we don’t have to move that enormous amount of waste ourselves in the spring.  No waste means less work and less money lost.

This has really opened up the possibilities on where we feed our goats.  The smaller size of the feed allows us to use smaller feeders as well, taking up less of a footprint in their winter pens.

Improved Milk Yields and Butterfat

Many users of Chaffhaye are reporting seeing increased milk yields and higher butterfat percentages.  Here’s an interesting public discussion on Facebook about Chaffhaye if you want to read real user experiences.

Improved yields help offset the increased cost of Chaffhaye, which I figure out to be about $40 per goat per winter feeding season.

Suitable for All Livestock

When it comes to our animal feeds, I like simplicity.  Our goats, chickens, ducks and rabbits all eat the same whole grain mix.  They can all eat the same Chaffhaye too, which means we only need to keep one type of hay in stock for everyone.

These are just a few of the reasons why we’ve decided to make the switch to Chaffhaye.  You can, too.  We have 50-pound and 20-ounce bags available.

How to Buy Chaffhaye

We are a small family farm located 14 minutes south of Colville, just outside Addy.  We don’t have daily operating hours, so if you want to order, you can contact me through the website or call 935-8908.  You can pay ahead with a credit card through Square or PayPal and we can set them out for you to pick up when it’s convenient, or you can pay with cash/check/credit when you pick up.

We have both 50-pound bales for larger animals and 20-ounce bags for small animals or as a sample size.

We travel to Colville weekly and will gladly bring along a few bales of Chaffhaye if you’d rather not make the trip out.  If you do want to make the trip though, we’re happy to give you the tour!