We raise livestock guardian dogs near Spokane, WA.  Learn all about each of them on the LGDs page.  Breeds include Maremma, Anatolian and registered Karakachan.  This page lists known or planned breedings.  We keep a no-obligation list of interested buyers.  You can choose from weaned puppies at 10-12 weeks old, started puppies at 6 months to a year and working livestock guardian dogs from one year and up.  The price goes up incrementally with the increased training and feeding time.  Contact me to discuss what options work best for your needs.  You can see more info further down on this page to help you determine which age is right for you.

DamSireReservationsTent. Due Date

Saoirse, Anatolian

Halo, Maremma
DS, AD, BD, LN, LH, CH, J-CH, AM, CH Whelped 10/13; 5f/4m. Some available, see For Sale for updated info.

Bolt, reg. Karakachan

Dupe, reg. Karakachan
LNPlanned breeding; winter 2020/2021

Livestock Guardian Dogs for Sale

Beginning in 2020, we will be offering the option to purchase aged dogs that are well started and working with stock.  Starting at a few weeks old, we work with our dogs on handling and basic training.  Here is what you can expect when you buy a livestock guardian dog from puppy to finished adult:

We offer flexible payment options with a deposit due up front and the balance paid out in equal monthly payments.  I am perfecting pricing and feel it is better to talk in person about that–particularly as it might change while we’re evolving in the early stages of this new program–but our puppy prices are comparable to the current local averages, going up at each age bracket to reflect the time spent and material costs.  A typical deposit will be around 40-50%, allowing for monthly payments to work out to about $100 until it’s time for pickup.  I’ll work with you on a solution that fits your needs, as long as it can cover our operating costs along the way.  In any case, the full balance is not something you need to stress to come up with all at once.

Puppy, 3 months
Our most popular option, you can purchase a just weaned puppy that has been raised with livestock.  These puppies will be handled by children and adults and exposed to every species of animals we have on our farm.  This currently includes goats, chickens, ducks, cats and household pet dogs.  Puppies will have basic leash training and some voice/hand commands, but require time to mature into their role.  Expect a dog to be contributing to protection closer to 6-12 months.

Puppy, 6 months
Older puppies will be more advanced in their voice/hand command training and should have the basics pretty well down.  They have had the benefit of constant learning through action with their parents and other members of our pack.  Depending on the personality, most of these puppies should be ready to be out with young stock and all will be suitable for adult stock.  At this age, I generally don’t consider them poultry safe or ready to be seriously working quite yet.

Yearling dog
A year old dog is well started, solid on basic commands and knows not to rush gates, mouth young stock or chase.  This is an excellent mid range option, a balance between price and maturity, that will allow you to have a good start on your own livestock guardian pack.  I don’t recommend running a dog this age alone, but he will be an invaluable asset to an aged dog or perhaps an older yet not quite mature companion, 12-24 months.

Eighteen month dog
At eighteen months, most dogs are reliable and ready to work.  A little fine tuning over the next few months and they’ll be ready to move into mature dog status, working fully alongside a teammate.  At this point, your main work will be solidifying the bond between you and the dog, then the dog and the stock.  At this age, your dog will be comfortable going through jump gates, which is an excellent option for feeding away from stock.

Mature livestock guardian dog
Generally speaking, a two-year old dog is a mature and fully functioning member of the pack.  This age is a perfect companion to a pup and we can work to get you both at the same time, getting you a solid start to your own pack with some immediate protection for your animals.

We have limited spots available in each litter to grow out mature dogs, so if this is an option you’re considering, let me know and we’ll talk over specifics.