Puppy Buyer Questionnaire

Please use this form to help me match you with the right puppy.  The answers are used only to help guide our decision making process for the purchase of a puppy from Little Avalon Farm.  Try to be honest in your self assessment, or ask a friend/family member to help you.  It’s totally okay to be a highly assertive, strong willed person, I just need to know how best to match you with a dog that will thrive under your leadership. (Written by a strong willed individual.) 😅

If you arrived here from somewhere other than direct contact with me, start here before submitting this form.

    What gender do you prefer?

    What type of job will this dog eventually do?

    General Farm GuardianLiving with Stock Full TimeCompanionAll of the AboveOther (please explain):

    Please briefly describe your terrain (thickly forested, open bottomland, etc.) and proximity to roads, towns, neighbors:

    Total acreage/acreage where dog will reside:

    Have you had stock losses to predators? What types of predators are in your area?

    What type of fencing do you have in place?

    It is important to note that sometimes, perhaps often, dogs will not be easily contained in fencing that contains livestock. It may be necessary to install an invisible or electric fence. We recommend SportDog because it's worked excellently for us. This may add several hundred dollars to the cost of owning your dog so it's an important consideration before you bring your dog home.

    Do you have children? What ages?

    Do you have other dogs? Please list breeds and genders, specify LGDs if owned:

    Do you now or have you owned LGDs?


    LGDs work best in teams of at least two. How many LGDs do you plan to have?

    Do you have a good relationship with your neighbors? Are they open to the idea of barking dogs moving in? This question is more for you to consider and less for me. I have personal experience with a neighbor who hates dogs and I strongly encourage you to work this out in advance.


    The following questions are directed at the intended main handler of the puppy. These questions carry no judgment, but I find that certain personalities do better with certain dog personalities and this helps get a more precise match:

    On a scale of 1 to 10, how assertive do you consider yourself to be?


    Do you consider yourself to be more strong willed or easygoing?

    Strong willedEasygoing

    Freeform area - tell me everything you want me to know to make a good decision: