Nothing beats hanging with the goats! Whether you’re looking to host a birthday party, walk a classroom through or take a personal tour with your family, we are thrilled to have you and would love to show you our farm and the critters we share it with.

Farm Tours

Our 1-2 hour farm tours walk you through the different species we raise and how we utilize the inputs from those animals to grow our garden, which we then feed back to the livestock, working toward a closed loop system. On the farm tour, you can:

  • Watch the ducks swim in the creek and forage on its banks, rearing their young in freedom
  • See our expansive—and ever expanding—garden, perhaps nibbling on a seasonal treat straight from the plant (scratch that for 2019, but we’re growing a fantastic patch of volunteer amaranth and sunflower! 😀 )
  • Meet the dedicated, well mannered livestock guardian dogs that make everything possible, maybe sneaking in a snuggle or two in the process
  • Learn about the homemade winter feeds we harvest and put up by hand for our livestock
  • Learn about farming the way we do it, including feeding, care, breeding, herbal husbandry and an unlimited Q&A session for anything you’ve ever wanted to know
  • And of course, best of all, play with the goats in their playground, complete with treats and oodles of goat cuddles!


Goats make events magical and can entertain your guests with their antics while you enjoy your own festivities. We are happy to work with you on a custom event solution for the birthday party, wedding, corporate picnic or other event of your dreams. Because each event is unique, the pricing is determined on an individual basis, but you can expect a minimum of $100 for a completely unique event experience.

Looking to host your fitness class with a unique twist?  Our groomed, mowed lawn area can hold classes of up to 100 people (though we recommend a more intimate class size of 40-50).  The goats, trained to treat cups, will love to engage your clients with their fun antics and love of scratches.  Contact us to schedule weekly, monthly or other regular classes.

Schools, Camps and Large Tours

We love to share our knowledge and help connect children with the realities of where food comes from. Contact us to arrange a fully customized educational experience where we can touch on things like:

  • Herbal medicine, herb walks and foraging
  • Advanced goat health and care, feeding and general husbandry
  • Off grid, non mechanized and low input hay production
  • Hands-on crafts, skills and activities centered around farming and agriculture
  • Raising meat rabbits with zero store bought inputs
  • Free range poultry, whole grain feeding, egg production and general management

Contact us today for a custom quote to bring farming to life for your classroom, camp or other educational setting.

Educational Classes

We offer a limited number of classes throughout the year on seasonally appropriate topics such as disbudding, blood drawing, general goat care, primitive hay production, herbal salves and remedies, foraging, kidding, cage free rabbits and more. These are generally $10-$20 per person (plus any necessary supplies) and limited to small groups for a more intimate learning experience. For information/interest on these or other topics you’d like to learn about, contact me and we’ll see about adding one into the schedule.