Little Avalon Farm is located at:

1831 Marble Valley Basin Rd
Addy, WA 99101

From Colville/north of Addy:

Head south on 395 to 12 Mile Rd.  Turn right and go to the end.  Turn right onto Marble Valley and go exactly 1.0 mile, turn left into our driveway.

From Spokane/Chewelah/south of Addy:

Go north on 395 to Addy.  Turn left on Addy Gifford road, follow it through town and out the back.  Turn right on the first road past the 50 MPH sign.  The road sign is frequently missing, but you’ll see a sign across the road to the left called Zimmer.  After turning right onto missing road sign/Marble Valley, go exactly 3 miles and turn left into our driveway.

In summer, park down below by the barn.  In winter, stay up top by the garage – trust me, you do NOT want to go down!

Please be aware that we operate by appointment only; drop-ins will likely be met by LGDs and not the introverts who live here. 😆

Also note: we have no public bathroom facilities.  The nearest public facility is in Addy, WA at the gas station right on the highway.