Affiliate Disclosure

When an article I’m writing presents an opportunity to link to a product or service I use and approve of, I will include an affiliate link, which means I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

This does not increase your cost and the experience should be completely seamless. As of this writing, most affiliate links are to Amazon and anything you buy when you click a link there will give me a small amount of commission.

I never endorse a product solely to make a commission, but instead try to link to things I have experience with or think will be helpful and applicable to the topic within the article.

Why an Affiliate Program?
I spend as much as 3-6 hours writing an article. When I can, I take unique photos to use in the articles, which takes more time. What I write, I write from the years of experience and time spent to accumulate that knowledge.

While I absolutely love writing and sharing my knowledge and experiences, I also like to make productive use of my time. Income generated from my writing enables me to further pursue the topics I write about, learning more and being able to return that value back to my readers by way of more articles and information.

If you’re not into shopping and would like to support me another way, you can always make a donation via PayPal:

Thank you for your understanding and support!