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Herbal Remedies for Goat Pneumonia

Goat pneumonia is usually fast acting and critically serious.  I’d like to start with this: you will most likely need antibiotics for treating any case of pneumonia that includes a downed goat or one who is obviously lethargic.  For cases quickly caught, here are the many herbal remedies you can use to treat pneumonia in […]

Pat Coleby Minerals: Feeding Undiluted Minerals for Goats

Pat Coleby was ahead of her time and she did great things for the livestock herds of Australia.  She revolutionized natural livestock care in her own country and folks across the world have gained valuable, health building insights as well.  I’ve referenced her work in my natural lice protocol and feel like she’s one of […]

Are My Kids Getting Enough to Eat?

One of the most commonly asked questions during kidding season is, “Are my kids getting enough to eat?”  While it may seem as though they aren’t getting enough time nursing, the odds that they’re underfed if mom is nursing at all are very slim.  Goat kids nurse frequently and sometimes for mere seconds. It is […]

Nigerian Dwarf Bottle Feeding Schedule

  NEW! Buy the refrigerator magnet of this schedule for instant, easy reference. Shop here. Even if you dam raise your kids, it’s inevitable that you’ll wind up with a bottle baby at some point. Our does have large litters, as many as five at a time, and it isn’t uncommon that we end up […]

What to Have on Hand for Kidding in a Holistic Herd

One of the most asked questions in my goat group, second to “should I vaccinate my goats?” (my thoughts here) is about what to have on hand for kidding.  I rarely answer with my own list, simply because it’s a little…underwhelming.  Having embraced a “less is more” approach in my holistic goat management, I really […]

Thoughts on Vaccinating with CDT

This is my personal experience and my thoughts on my decision not to vaccinate my herd with CDT. I share it here to give a point of view, not to suggest one way or another what you should decide for your herd. CD is enterotoxemia, a bacterial overgrowth often caused by management issues. It’s called […]