Days 20-23 No Kibble, Free Meat is Great!

This is going so well I don’t really know what to write.  We’re mixing the same mix of 30% oats, 30% veggies and 40% meat, along with milk, eggs and herbs.  They might end up too fat at this rate but they sure love it.  I think when you find the right method, you just know it, and this is totally the way we should be feeding our dogs.

I was reflecting on how God is providing every little thing right now.  Work is slow and we’re on a pretty limited budget.  Thankfully we have a good pantry, but every bit counts.  After getting that free turkey, which lasted until yesterday, we came home last night and found a recently dead deer on the side of the road.  She was in pretty good shape so we are feeding her out to the dogs.  That means no grains or veggies today except what they got from her stomach, but lots of extras in fur and organs, which are both health giving to dogs.

Living on a road has its benefits and we’ve been able to feed a couple other deer to the dogs over the past year.

The house dogs will go back to eating their regular food tomorrow but the big dogs will have deer for a few days. Hooray!

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