Day 4 of No Kibble

We soaked barley overnight in a mix of goat milk, water and the juice strained from plain cooked white beans.  First thing this morning, I scooped a scoop into each house dog’s bowl and they both ate it without any trouble.  This cereal had a whole quart of goat milk instead of yesterday’s pint, plus the bean broth.  It also had no vegetables or herbs in it yet, so I’m not sure which factor convinced the house dogs to try it.

I had intended to feed the barley mix only to the big dogs, so there wasn’t enough for the house dogs too.  I added their portion but in oats instead of barley to the barley mix, then a pound of organic peas, raspberry leaves and turmeric.  The smell of this stuff is incredibly appealing to me, but not to anyone else.  I wonder what my body is missing!

When we do our next pallet order of minerals, I want to save up enough to buy a few bags of Thorvin kelp to add to the dog food.  Kelp is something Levy advocates to use every day and it’s what we feed the rest of our animals (New Country Organics minerals contain a large portion of kelp).  I’m also looking forward to being able to harvest enough nettles this year to carry them through year round, but right now we have only a tiny amount left.  Come on, spring!

Mint, the heeler puppy, consistently has trouble holding her bowel movements overnight, even now at 10 months old.  She had a lot of diarrhea and other digestive trouble for the first couple of months we had her, so I think she just doesn’t respond well to the kibble we’re feeding and I suspect the messes overnight are due to inflammation.

For the first two nights after switching to homemade dog food, she had no messes, hooray!  This morning, though, there were two large, softly formed messes with a little bit of undigested grain.  Two out of three nights is still much better than we’ve been experiencing, so we’ll continue to watch and see how she does.

After mixing in the peas and everything else, Winston the German Shepherd ate his readily, but Mint avoided it, instead trying to sneak the little bit of dog food remaining in the bag in the kitchen.  I laughed out loud at the guilty look she gave me when I walked in on her, like she somehow knew she wasn’t supposed to be eating it anymore.  I gave her a kid’s leftover grilled cheese sandwich instead and left the cereal down for her to try out all day.

Dinner for the house dogs was some barley cereal with a little bit of goat milk, followed by leftovers from our leftovers – the white bean/chicken soup again, topped off with an egg each.

The LGDs got just under 5 pounds of barley cereal with dried zucchini, half a hot dog and an egg each.

Soaking the barley overnight for the midday meal seemed to work well, so I’ll continue doing that.  I think we’ll try rolled oats from the feed store next time and see if it soaks better.  It should, but it’s been years since I bought feed grade rolled oats so I can’t remember if the texture is comparable to human grade or not.

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