Prairie Wood Flying Cherub

I love how steady, sweet and reliable Cherub is, so much so that my herd consists almost entirely of Cherub offspring.  She consistently throws large litters and is an excellent mother.  In 2015, she nursed triplets while being milked once a day and gave me a quart a day.

It took three freshenings for Cherub’s udder to really develop into something I like to look at.  She could use a better medial but her teat placement is great and her rear attachment is holding things up very nicely after a few years of heavy production.  My favorite part is her large, easy to milk teats, something I place a heavy emphasis on in my herd.  You’ve gotta have at least three fingers on there!

Prairie Wood Huckleberry *S
MCH/CH Flying Goat Jazzy Blues *S E (2009 AGS RS National Champion Buck)
CH/MCH Prairie Wood Bella *D /1*M VG
Prairie Wood Flying Cherub
MCH Everwood The Gambler
AFF Herd Shammy
Apache Valley Splendor

Cherub’s kidding history

2013 blue eyed buck2013 blue eyed buck2013 blue eyed buck
2014 blue eyed does2014 brown eyed buck
2015 brown eyed doe2015 brown eyed doe2015 blue eyed buck2015 blue eyed buck
2016 brown eyed buck2016 brown eyed buck2016 blue eyed doe2016 blue eyed doe2016 blue eyed doe
2016 blue eyed buck
2016 blue eyed doe

Cherub’s Milk Test Records

Test DateDIMMilkBFProteinNotes
7/11/1626.444.94Water issue at new place; first test after moving :O