Little Avalon Twinkle Toes

DOB: 12/24/16
ADGA ID: D1840761
Color: Chocolate; moon spot; blue eyes

S: Tall & Small NotUR Average Joe *B
SS: Wood Bridge Farm Underpressure VV+ 86
SD: GCH Tall & Small Lottie EEEV 90 1*M

D: Prairie Wood Flying Cherub
DS: MCH/CH Flying Goat Jazzy Blues *S E (2009 AGS RS Nat. CH buck)
DD: AFF Herd Shammy

Twink is a good size for a yearling, as big as some of my petite seniors. Her teats are about as large as some standards I’ve milked and she’s got plenty of room to grow. Like her dam, she has a bit tougher udder texture and her teats are a little meaty, but her orifices are open and even my husband, who isn’t a fan of milking Nigerians, said he’s one of the best he’s ever milked.

Twink’s Kidding History

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