Little Avalon Lorelai’s Wish

DOB: 2/19/16
ADGA ID: D1768414
Color: Black w/extensive white; blue eyes

S: Calico Creek Noisome Creature
SS: Camanna TBR Arctic Blue +VV84
SD: Pecan Hollow Evening Waltz (Polled)

D: Prairie Wood Flying Cherub
DS: GCH Flying Goat Jazzy Blues
DD: AFF Herd Shammy

Wish had a tough first kidding and rejected the kid. With no one nursing her, she decided to take it up herself so we sold her as a first freshener. I bred her back for her new owner and the resulting kids cured her of her self nursing.

We got her back with her doe kid and I’m extremely glad we did. With one milking, she moved up to the #2 spot for ease of milking in my herd. Her teats are large and plump, her orifices open and her texture much softer than her dam’s.