Little Avalon Lady Annalisse

Anna is a sweet snuggler of a girl whose dairy conformation really stands out.  Long, refined and elegant, she has her mom’s coloring and the grace of a dancer.  She has a bit of a dramatic streak, but boy is she nice to milk.  She freshened in 2015 and instantly became my favorite to milk.  I call her my dessert goat because I save her for last.  Her teats aren’t quite as large as her mom’s, but her orifices are more open and she milks down super fast.

I see a lot of improvement in her second freshening udder and will try to get photos of it soon.  Her teats have lengthened considerably after nursing kids last year and I expect a little more improvement on that this year.  The capacity of course has improved, especially after kidding quads in 2016.  That’s another thing I like about this line – they’re very prolific!

Annalisse as a yearling, hours before kidding

8 weeks fresh FF
annalisse-udder-9-weeks-20162016 9 weeks freshannalisse-side-udder-9-weeks-2016
9 weeks fresh 2016
Poppy Patch WL Georgie Porgie
AGS Little Avalon Tubby Topaz
AGS Little Avalon Viviane
Little Avalon Lady Annalisse
CH AGS Flying Goat Jazzy Blues
Prairie Wood Flying Cherub
AGS AFF Herd Shammy

Annalisses’s Kidding History

2015 blue eyed doe2015 blue eyed buck2015 blue eyed doe
2016 blue eyed buck2016 blue eyed buck2016 blue eyed doe2016 brown eyed doe
3 bucks, 2 blue eyed
2 does, RIP

Annalisse’s Milk Test Records

Test DateDIMMilkBFProtein