Little Avalon Jubilee Year

DOB: 5/26/17
ADGA ID: D1876577
Color: Chocolate w/minimal white; moon spot; blue eyes

S: Tall & Small NotUR Average Joe
SS: Wood Bridge Farm Underpressure VV+ 86
SD: GCH Tall & Small Lottie EEEV 90 1*M

D: The Little Avalon Mereda
DS: Calico Creek Noisome Creature
DD: Little Avalon Merry Maid

Squeaks, as I call her, sounded just like a squeaky toy when she was born.  She’s very hard to contain so has spent most of her life running around the house and yard doing what she wants.  As a result, she’s my buddy and follows me like a dog.  Being a late born kid, I didn’t breed her last fall but I suspect she made things happen herself, so we’re watching her closely.