Little Avalon Glad That’s Over

DOB: 2/19/17
ADGA ID: D1841630
Color: Buckskin w/random white; blue eyes

S: Castle Rock Saranghae
SS: Castle Rock Moon Raker
SD: GCH Castle Rock Sarafina 2*M 2*D 92 EEEE

D: Mighty Pine VR Fancy Design
DS: Dragonfly AV Virtual Reality
DD: Springs Run SG Angelica

Glad was born after a string of the roughest kiddings we’d ever been through. I was so anxious about this birth, because Glad’s dam had suffered a hip injury at some point and had trouble moving/walking. I didn’t plan to breed her but the buck had other ideas.

So with much dread, I watched as Fancy labored. Much to my pleasant surprise, she kidded easily, 3 healthy kids, and was an excellent mom despite her limitations, and now you know the story behind the name.

Fancy also has the largest teats of any Nigerian I’ve seen in person. She milked easily too, though I only tried once or twice to get a feel for her udder. She’s since gone on to find a loving pet home where no bucks can make decisions for us.