Little Avalon Forest Raven

DOB: 2/21/15
ADGA ID: D1719344
Color: Black; white splashed

S: Calico Creek Noisome Creature
SS: Camanna TBR Arctic Blue
SD: Camanna FS Blue Demetria

D: Prairie Wood Flying Cherub
DS: CH AGS Flying Goat Jazzy Blues
DD: AGS AFF Herd Shammy

Conformationally, Raven is one of my best does. I almost sold her as a first freshener because her teats were so small. Coupled with a tougher udder texture and small orifices, she was my least favorite to milk and one of two does that solidified my plan to buy a milk machine (I no longer use the machine, by the way.).

I’m so glad I kept her. The transformation between first and second freshening was dramatic; her teats are long enough to easily grasp and her udder texture has improved. Her orifices are still not as open as I’d like, but overall, she’s a fine doe with excellent manners and a vast improvement over her first freshening self. Just look at how that udder improved in the pictures below!

Update 2/4/18, 3rd freshening. Look at that udder! I love watching the progression of udders as does mature. I’m about to start weighing the milk again, but what I can tell from milking so far this freshening is that Raven has dramatically improved in capacity. Her orifices are still small and milking her takes longer than the others by far, but teat size and texture are great.



12 days fresh 2018

22 days fresh 2018
IMG_0449 5 weeks fresh FFraven-udder-2017 2017 2nd freshening