Little Avalon Forest Raven

Raven has really grown into her dairy form over her first year.  I went out to take some photos in early 2016 and was surprised at how nice she’s suddenly become.  She grew out of the awkward teenage stage and into a refined, angular doe with a very nice head carriage and smooth lines.

I hope she gets her sire’s nice medials with her dam’s large teats.  Bred to JAMMF, her offspring should have improved teat size also in 2016 (she’s actually looking like she’ll kid the day I’m writing this, woohoo!).

8 weeks
IMG_0449 5 weeks fresh FFraven-udder-2017 2017 2nd freshening
Camanna TBR Arctic Blue
Calico Creek Noisome Creature
Camanna FS Blue Demetria
Little Avalon Forest Raven
CH AGS Flying Goat Jazzy Blues
Prairie Wood Flying Cherub
AGS AFF Herd Shammy

Raven’s Kidding History


Raven’s Milk Test Records

Test DateDIMMilkBFProtein