Little Avalon Fiddlehead Fran

DOB: 2/21/16
ADGA ID: D1768416
Color: Black w/minimal white

S: Calico Creek SN JAMMF Immortal
SS: TX Twincreeks RM Supernova
SD: Pecan Hollow TW Tequila Sunris

D: Little Avalon Forest Raven
DS: Calico Creek Noisome Creature
DD: Prairie Wood Flying Cherub

Fran is the gift that I didn’t see coming. Being of an unremarkable color and out of a first freshener, she didn’t end up immediately finding a home when I listed her for sale. I liked her personality anyway, so decided to keep her. I’m glad I did.

As a first freshener in 2017, she is an improvement over her dam’s first freshening udder. She stood easily from day one to be milked and milks easily, although her teats are a bit small yet. I am excited to see how she grows in her second freshening.

*Update 2nd freshening, 2/4/18. I am milking 5 does now and Fran is just behind my favorite doe, Moon, for ease of milking. Her teats are larger of course since last year, though still on the smaller side for my tastes, but her open orifices and soft texture make it easy to milk her still.

FF 2017

2F 2018

2F 2018

Fran’s Kidding History

2017: 2 does, 1 stillborn