Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Tested CAE/CL/Johne’s negative March 2015 | CAE/Q-Fever/Johne’s negative March 2016 | Johne’s/CAE negative March 2017

Nigerian Dwarf goats are quite possibly the perfect homesteading animal. They produce the sweetest, creamiest milk, are easy to manage in almost any environment and take little feed. If all that weren’t enough, they come in virtually every color, have the sweetest personalities and can be handled by even very small children. Like I said, they’re perfect. 🙂

Here at Little Avalon, we strive to breed goats that are easy to hand milk without sacrificing the ability to be competitive in the show ring. Because we also want low maintenance homesteading goats, we breed for natural thriftiness, parasite resistance and ease of kidding. They also need to be able to thrive on a more natural regimen, without the use of frequent chemicals or intense management.

See the crew below and click on an animal’s name for full information, including pedigree, pictures and milk test results.


Prairie Wood Flying Cherub

Little Avalon Lady Annalisse

Little Avalon Forest Raven
Little Avalon Moon Blossom
Little Avalon Fiddlehead Fran
Little Avalon Hello Dolly (Bella x Saranghae)

Little Avalon Penny 4 A Needle (Fran + Saranghae)

Little Avalon Twinkle Toes (Cherub x Joe)
Little Avalon Glad That's Over (Fancy x Saranghae)

Little Avalon Wee Silkie (Whisper x Saranghae)
Little Avalon Jubilee Year (Mereda x Joe)


Tall & Small NotUR Average Joe

DOB: 2/7/16
Castle Rock Saranghae

DOB: 2/8/16