Nigerian Dwarf Goats

 Tested CAE/CL/Johne’s negative March 2015 | CAE/Q-Fever/Johne’s negative March 2016 | Johne’s/CAE negative March 2017


Goats are such an incredible blessing in life.  When I was a teenager, it was horses that gave me peace.  As an adult, it is goats.  They are among the most emotionally complex creatures I’ve ever been around.  Their social connections within the herd are incredible to watch, but if you spend too much time thinking about it, it becomes ever so difficult to split up family units and send anyone off to a new home.

Just when you think their social bonds are unbreakable, one of them runs up and t-bones a fellow, causing it to cry out in pain.  Goats are surely an enigma.  I could spend all day out hanging with the herd!

2018 makes our tenth year in goats, and what a wild ride it has been.  Twice I’ve sold the entire herd, only to realize that life without goats isn’t worth living and no other priority is worth giving up my caprine family.

Our focus now is to work toward sustainability, raising goats that hand milk easily and produce well without a lot of external inputs.  I try to visualize what life would be like if we survived off of what we could produce here at home.  That is what guides my decision making with the goats.

We invest heavily in high quality bucks, improving conformation through careful choices while maintaining our core herd of excellent mothers who raise large litters and milk easily.  I get a lot of satisfaction going out to milk now and enjoying the experience with each and every doe.

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Prairie Wood Flying Cherub

Little Avalon Forest Raven

Little Avalon Moon Blossom

Little Avalon Fiddlehead Fran

Little Avalon Wee Silkie

Little Avalon Penny 4 A Needle

Little Avalon Twinkle Toes
Little Avalon Glad That's Over

AJS Dairy Acres Princess P'nut
Little Avalon Mir I Am Twink x 'ghae
Little Avalon Esme of the Glen (Raven x 'ghae)
Little Avalon Madame Quistis K14 Fran x Joe
Little Avalon Queen of D'Nile K20 Cherub x 'ghae


Tall & Small NotUR Average Joe

DOB: 2/7/16
Castle Rock Saranghae

DOB: 2/8/16