Kunekune Pigs

mango-justus-3-4-17Meet the Kunekune. Small, docile and friendly, Kunekunes can fatten solely on grass and inputs the average homesteader can easily produce at home. This makes them ideal for anyone interested in sustainability, permaculture and being self sufficient. That they’re completely adorable and easygoing is an added benefit.

Our eventual goal is to raise a 100% pastured pork product. We moved to our new place and it is almost all sub-irrigated bottomland pasture, something our goats didn’t really appreciate that much. Kunekunes are perfect!

Contact us if you are interested in carefully selected breeding stock, live pork on the hoof or, hopefully in the near future, retail pasture raised pork.


BVF Rebecca Gina 49 (Mango)
DOB: 3/12/16
steven-tylerRSVP Andrew 6 - Steven Tyler
DOB: 8/19/16
leo-3-4-17 BVF Tuahuru 3 (Leonidas)
DOB: 9/25/16