Day 40-Something No Kibble

This should be the final post on this; I wanted to share my final thoughts.  The dogs have been eating no kibble for a month and a half now.  We’ve been adjusting upward from our last estimate of 5.8# per day.  I don’t know exactly how much we’re feeding now, but we’re ignoring the numbers and feeding them by their response.  If I were to guess, it’d probably be closer to 7# total now.

Winston, my German Shepherd, has lost some weight, but he’s been a lot more active the past couple of weeks with the improving weather.  We’re adding more food for him.  Mint the heeler, on the other hand, seems to be foraging for quite a bit of her food and is not really interested in what we feed her.  Winston is glad to clean up what she leaves so we’ll stay where we’re at for her.

Blaze and Halo are needing more food now as well with the increased activity of spring.  They spent a lot of time the past week running off four juvenile bald eagles who were hanging around.  Blaze may be pregnant–I think so–so we’re giving her extra goat milk and a bigger ration, which she’s eager to have every feeding.

I’m really glad we decided to finally take the plunge.  It has begun to cost more in theory than we were paying for kibble, but since all of our meat so far has been free we’re still saving.  I’d count it worth the cost with no hesitation even if we had to pay for all of our meat.

I planted two beds of greens, spinach and Swiss chard today.  At about 2# of vegetables per day, anything we can grow will be a big help.  I also got a great deal on canned cream corn and picked up four cases at $.33 per can.  With the high salt content, I’m not feeding it every day but figure it’s a great low cost addition a couple times per week.  Our “normal” price has been about $1/#.

I’ll post periodically about our progress, but will no longer try to make regular updates.  This is definitely the right method for us and I look forward to it evolving as we learn more and are able to grow more of our own food for them.


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