Day 19 No Kibble, Getting Smart Edition

Yesterday was a great shopping day!  We happened to go in on a 20% off natural foods day, which included the bulk bins.  I was able to negotiate a 20% discount on a 50-pound bag of rolled oats (it wasn’t in the sale section) for the dogs, so I only paid $30, which is $.60 per pound and less than we would have paid at Azure if Azure had bothered to have it in stock, which they didn’t…again.

Since we were in the bulk section, I stumbled upon massive cans of pumpkin, over 6 pounds for around $6.50, so we bought two of those.  Frozen veggies were on sale for $1 per pound and we got 12 of those.  Even with all the dog food, we only came out over budget for groceries $22.  Our current budget is $100 a week, so we did pretty good I think.

This morning when we mixed up the meal, I weighed and portioned the veggies and pumpkin for the next week so all we have to do is dump it into the mixture every morning.  This will save a lot of time.  We’ll start doing it for the meat too.  The oats are easy, just 3 tumblers full into the bucket.

There’s no hesitation with eating this way.  Every dog loves it now and gobbles it up.  I think the pumpkin helped a lot, but in general, this method just seems to work.  Like I said yesterday, it just feels right.  The dogs agree.

Today is Sunday and in the future we plan to continue fasting on this day, but I want to be sure they’re getting enough and that we have this routine down before I do a fast, so they’ll get their normal amount today.

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