Day 14 No Kibble

After yesterday’s strangeness, I increased the morning meal for the house dogs.  They got 3 cups of milk, 2 cups of rolled oats, a half cup of dried zucchini, 2 eggs and some herbs: nettles and spirulina.  They ate it quickly and acted hungry, so I added a scoop each of the LGDs’ barley cereal.  They ate that quickly too, so I gave them each a scoop of our leftover spaghetti.  At that, they seemed satisfied, finally!  That sure seems like a lot, but I feel like at this point we need to be ignoring the numbers completely and just watching the dogs.

The LGDs had their normal barley cereal but with eggs mixed in.  

I laugh at the discussion Rob and I had a couple of months ago, that 8 does were probably enough to see to our milk needs.  That was before we started feeding the dogs, who between them would easily go through half a gallon a day.  I’m milking 4 mature does and 2 first fresheners now, all of whom are still nursing kids, and getting about 3/4 of a gallon.  I’m using it all and not feeding pigs.  Our bottle babies are slowing down now, but all of that milk will be used immediately too.  Sixteen does sounds a lot more reasonable at this point!

Dinner for everyone was more of the thawed turkey, a little more than they needed to make their feed weight today.

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