Day 13 No Kibble

Today was the day after a fast and I’m not sure if that’s what happened, but when Rob fed the LGDs, a fight started between Mint the house heeler and Blaze the LGD.  We’d already fed the house dogs but in hindsight, I think it wasn’t enough after a fast day.

Breakfast for the house dogs was a pint of milk with a cup of quick oats and about half a pound of vegetables, with 2 eggs whisked in.  Our target daily food weight for the house dogs is 3.15# and this came to about a pound altogether.  Perhaps they need a heavier meal in the morning and a lighter meal at night.

The LGDs got their regular barley cereal and vegetables.  Blaze is coming in heat and we are planning to have a litter from this cycle, so I’ll be increasing her food.  I’m relieved the LGDs seem to be thriving on this method so we can go into pregnancy without the worry I’d have if they were responding like the house dogs to the food.

Eggs are coming on again so they’ll all get an egg a day as long as we have enough.  Given the choice between us or the dogs, I generally feed the dogs eggs first since we have so much more available for us to eat.

For dinner, Rob cut up a whole turkey that had been in the freezer for a couple of years and thawed over the last couple of days in the fridge.  The house dogs got about 2 pounds, 10 ounces in meat.  The outside dogs had a meatless cereal night.

After the house dogs were fed their turkey outside, I heard a cat howling.  I went out to find Mint holding her down; presumably she tried to steal a bite.  I am concerned about developing food aggression issues and worried they’re not getting enough food.  I’ll make sure to feed a larger breakfast tomorrow and see if the behavior continues.  It might be that they aren’t able to do a fast day yet.

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