Day 12 No Kibble

I’m not so sure Blaze isn’t getting enough to eat.  Between the two LGDs, they’re sharing 3 dry pounds of barley soaked in milk and water with three-quarters of a pound of vegetables in the morning, and at least that much again at night or the equivalent in meat.  They’re only supposed to need about 5.5 pounds.  I’ll keep up this amount for now and watch their condition.

We’ll add more eggs when the eggs start coming on.  My flock of 25 +/- hens is probably not going to be enough for our family, the pigs and the dogs.  And to think, I had 70 hens last spring and sold down to this number!  

Breakfast was the usual for the LGDs today, cereal.  For the house dogs, I’m trying to strike a balance between starches and meat/veggies.  We were feeding Diamond Naturals Beef & Rice before this, and the first ingredients are:

“Beef meal, peas, ground white rice, egg product, dried yeast, rice bran…”

Looking at that list, I think my problem was feeding too high a percentage of grains, since they’re most certainly eating starches, so we’re trying to still include them but find the amount that works without causing skin issues.

I have bulk field peas for the livestock so I’m debating soaking some of those and seeing if the dogs like them.  They’re very, very hard though so they’d require either a long soak or cooking and since peas are high in phytic acid, they really should be cooked.  I might try including a small amount to give them a wider range of nutrients.

For the house dogs today, then, I started with their 1/4 pound of frozen corn and tried to figure out how to make a low grain gruel type mixture that they’d eat.  I added flaxseed oil, dried nettles and raspberry leaf, then remembered the dried zucchini and added that, hoping the 3 dried things would soak up some of the milk to thicken it.

I have an excess of sourdough starter so I added some of that to thicken and add probiotics.  It was still too liquid though, so I added just one cup of instant oats, bringing the total weight to about 2.5 pounds.  That left it still runny but I decided to try it and see – I was surprised at how quickly they gobbled it all up.  Okay, I’m starting to feel a bit better about all of this.  Maybe we can fill in the gaps with non-grain foods.

Dinner for everyone was the rest of a mutton chunk we’ve been working through.

Tomorrow is Sunday, their fast day and our Sabbath so no posts.


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