Day 11 No Kibble

It’s time to re-evaluate how much they’re eating.  We were aiming for about 8# of feed for all of the dogs, which was pretty close.  If you assume a 3% of body weight daily feed goal, it looks like this:

Blaze (Pyrenees, adult): 100 pounds = 3 pounds of feed.
Halo (Maremma, adult): 85 pounds = 2.5 pounds of feed.
Winston (German Shepherd, adult): 75 pounds = 2.25 pounds of feed.
Mint (Australian Cattle Dog, juvenile): 30 pounds = .9 pounds of feed.

The total weight we should be feeding per day then comes to 8.65 pounds.  These are estimated weights for the dogs, but should be pretty close.

We’ve noticed the inside dogs seem to want less than they’re getting and Blaze seems to be hungry, running right up to eat while Halo slowly meanders over.  We’ll need to adjust based on how they’re acting, though it looks like the total we feed will still end up about the same.

The first part of breakfast for the house dogs was mutton again, weighed out in portions, so Mint got 11 ounces bone-in and Winston got 14 ounces with no bone.  Mint ate hers but Winston buried his.  While he was sitting on the couch (haha, I know) before breakfast, his stomach was grumbling in an alarming way so he may be having some upset, although yesterday was a pretty clean day with minimal starches.

The second part of their breakfast had to wait for me to milk.  I soaked a small amount of rolled oats and peas in milk.

Dinner tonight was cereal for the LGDs and hunks of mutton for the house dogs.  Didn’t even see them eat it they were so fast.

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