Day 10 No Kibble

Breakfast for the house dogs was the hamburger/veggie/milk/brown rice mixture from the night before.  They ate it without hesitation, hooray!

For the big dogs, more barley cereal with milk and veggies.

When we started this, I had absolute faith in the wisdom of Levy’s writing.  I don’t doubt at all that this worked extremely well for her, but as I watch my house dogs struggling with what I presume is the amount of starches in the barley, I think some dogs already on a Western diet of kibble may not be able to go straight into that sort of diet.  I don’t know why the LGDs are doing so well while the house dogs do so poorly, but I have to admit it leaves me concerned about the high amount of barley for everyone.

I have some herbal cleanse mixtures for various body systems.  I think it might be prudent to begin the house dogs on those and see if that helps their overall health improve.  It’s not that I’d ever look at them and consider them “sick,” but they certainly do have more sensitive digestion and, for Winston the German Shepherd, a tendency toward skin issues.  Herbal cleanses definitely won’t hurt them, in any case.

Dinner for all dogs was home grown bone-in mutton, weighed out on a scale.  Winston also got some leftover meatloaf; he seems to prefer cooked food.

I’m not sure what I’m feeding the house dogs for breakfast tomorrow.  It’s getting tiring trying to come up with meals for the dogs so I hope we get things figured out soon – it’s hard enough coming up with meals for my family!

So far, my observations on this method is that it is much more time intensive than throwing out 25# of kibble in an auto feeder once a week.  I am determined and committed to finding a sustainable way to feed the dogs, but it is a lot of work compared to kibble.  Part of the problem right now is that when we butchered, we planned on throwing out large chunks and letting the dogs eat on them for a couple of days.  Now, we’re trying to thaw and then portion out bone-in meats, so there’s a lot of sawing and cutting and weighing to get everything right.

Rob is off work right now (seasonal) and I’m sure I wouldn’t want to do this otherwise, there’s already enough to do around here, so I’m grateful to have the opportunity to figure it out while he’s here to share the workload.  I just hope we have a routine down before he goes back to work.

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