Day 9 No Kibble

As of now, the dogs have been without kibble for eight full days.  I have gone this long before feeding various things, such as raw, our leftovers, etc., so there is nothing terribly out of the ordinary about this length of time.  One thing I notice is that Winston the vaccine injured German Shepherd’s coat is getting noticeably shinier again.  This morning, he began scratching, which is what has stopped us every time we’ve tried before.

Over the last few years, if he gets too much of what I’ve concluded is starch in his diet, he gets greasy, itchy skin.  The itch becomes unbearable and he’ll scratch himself raw.  It may be that we won’t be able to feed him any grains, rice or potatoes until some amount of healing has transpired, but I had hoped barley might be different since we’ve never tried it before.  He had no interest whatsoever for the barley/milk cereal this morning, day nine; neither did Mint, the heeler puppy who has had digestive issues since we got her.   I fed them the last of the chicken noodle soup leftovers and a slice of ham each instead, but left the barley out for the day.

There was still barley by dinner time.  We talked during the day and decided that, for the house dogs at least, we need to go starch free, which means mostly meat, vegetables and dairy.  It’s going to be more expensive but they aren’t doing well on the barley and what’s the point if not to improve their health?  As they show signs of improvement, we’ll experiment with adding back in starches because it’s really challenging to meet the demand without a filler.

Is this coming in or going out?

Dinner for the house dogs, then, was a pound of hamburger, half a pound of cottage cheese, around half a pound of vegetables, two eggs, a bit of flaxseed oil and some milk, a cup or so I’m guessing.  I weighed it out and gave Mint (30 pounds) half a pound and Winston (75 pounds) a pound.  There was enough left to feed the same again tomorrow.  It looked horrible, but I took picture proof that the picky eaters liked it.  All that was left was a couple of thick carrot slices.

For the LGDs, perhaps more healthy because of their vigorous exercise, dinner was brown rice and cottage cheese with a little bit of barley cereal leftover from the house dogs.  I’m sure grateful they’re doing so well on it, because I have a lot of faith in Juliette de Bairacli Levy’s work and I am convinced the house dogs aren’t doing well because of their preexisting less than stellar health.



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