Day 7 No Kibble

I forgot when writing the day 5 update that yesterday was the fast day, so they didn’t eat yesterday. No one seemed to mind much. Sunday is also our sabbath so it was a nice break to not spend time feeding the dogs. It takes a decent amount of time to gather, mix and distribute the ingredients, especially since we’re still figuring out what we’re doing. I’m looking forward to settling into a routine.

Breakfast today is a quart of milk, barley, a pound of peas and a new addition: herbal wormer. We use Land of Havilah Parasite Formula, but I just ordered a bunch of herbs to begin making our own mix. One thing I am appreciating about feeding this method is the ease of adding beneficial herbs and other ingredients. We haven’t otherwise been worming regularly with the herbal wormer, so this is an encouraging step in the right direction.

To incorporate the wormer, I added the total amount by weight for all four dogs into the main mix. I might instead dose it singly in their bowls before serving next time.

The big dogs ate readily, as usual, but I was surprised at the mediocre response from the house dogs, who had also fasted all day the day before.

By dinner, which was mostly water soaked cereal with a little milk, there was still food left in the house dogs’ bowls and they showed little interest in dinner, though they quickly ate up a scoop each of our dinner – chicken noodle soup.


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