Day 5 of No Kibble

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POOOP! I guess when Levy says the hours overnight are “strongly eliminative,” she means that quite literally. Winston, evidently showing us what he thinks of this whole thing, made a point to come upstairs to our bedrooms to poop in the middle of the night. He never goes in the house. And Mint had another mess as well.

I’m not sure if we should adjust the timing of meals, but I suspect that will be the answer. The house dogs are always hungry first thing in the morning, so perhaps we will feed them at our breakfast and dinner times, especially since I’m already soaking the cereal grains overnight and they’d be sufficiently softened by then.

Breakfast today was water soaked barley with a pound of peas and some bacon grease to sweeten the deal. I only had about half a cup of extra milk this morning to pour into it. No herbs today. Winston ate it with no hesitation and Mint eventually finished hers, but she definitely isn’t enthusiastic about it. The LGDs, as usual, had no problem scarfing their portion. They’re either less picky in general or they’re hungrier because they work harder, but they seem to have none of the upturned nose attitude the house dogs do.

Dinner today is a prime chunk of lamb meat. I ended up with three spring lambs last year and pastured them until fall, no grain. The dogs love it, but we hate it. This package happened to be about 2 pounds, so we’ll cut it into chunks and divide it between the 4 dogs.

At least we never have to worry about them not liking the meat; it’s the universally accepted food – no surprise there!

I have a quart of frozen milk thawing to soak the barley in for tomorrow’s breakfast, which I will try to feed right after milking at around 8:30 instead of the noon or so we’ve been feeding so far.

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