Day 2 of No Kibble

We’ve begun feeding our dogs an exclusively homemade diet; no kibble. Read the first part here.  I’m going to try to update regularly for the first month or so or as long as there’s anything noteworthy to add.

Yesterday marked the second full day of no kibble.  The LGDs were quite hungry and excited for their morning oat cereal and they ate it down quickly.  The house dogs also ate it quickly.

The evening meal brought some changes.  Being the second night, we weren’t feeding meat so they got another round of cereal.  We had gone to the feed store earlier so this meal was rolled barley instead of our human rolled oats.  The texture is thicker and doesn’t appear to soak up liquids as well.  We also included more vegetables.  It was not well received by anyone, but the LGDs ate it quickly enough.  The house dogs took longer and there was a little bit left over this morning when we woke up.

I hope the barley isn’t the issue, because human rolled cereals are a lot more expensive than feed store grade.  We paid $.26 per pound yesterday (it’s $.09 per pound in bulk, including travel costs) at the feed store.  For human grade organic (the only option I found) at Azure, it is $1.14 per pound.  Oats were $.34 per pound at the feed store and usually cost the same as barley or close to it in bulk; conventional rolled oats at Azure are $.63 per pound.

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